Pick lottery new Mexico

Pick lotteries in New Mexico are perfect to have the first experience participating in a lottery.

You can see that there are interesting differences between pick 3 and pick 4 that can be noticed in the prizes of each draw.

That is why we offer you all the information you need to know a little bit more and also, you will find explanations so that you can participate correctly in both drawings.

Pick 3 new Mexico

Pick 3 is a complement of the new Mexico lottery, if you want to play and do it correctly, you have to take into account some things of great importance and many times it is not so easy to do it.

In this case you will see all the most important information to make a proper play in pick 3.

How to play pick 3 new Mexico

You can play twice a day but at different times, at 1:00 pm and at 9:30 pm.

To participate you only have to make a selection of 3 numbers between 0 to 9, if you don't want to choose your own numbers you only have to select quick pick.

How to win Pick 3 new Mexico

For only $1 pick 3 can give you prizes between $5 and $500 depending on the play you make.

The aganar prize is something that many do not know, but the truth is that, many times they play a draw without knowing anything and are only guided by the trend of the moment, but that does not mean that it is a bad thing.

The truth is that you have to start by knowing the draw and in case you don't know it, here you have it but we will only tell you 2 ways.

Straight: the ticket numbers must match exactly with the winning numbers of the draw, that is, if you play 435 the result must be 435, the prize could be $500.

Box: with box you don't need to combine the 3 numbers you just need to have at least 2 exact numbers, example, if you play 455 and the winning numbers are 545 you would be winning $160.

Pick 4 new Mexico

When playing a raffle the prize is part of the difference, for this reason you can find another option like pick 4 in new Mexico.

Pick 4 has bigger prizes and the same way of playing as pick 3, it is just a matter of choosing your numbers and participate.

How to play pick 4 new Mexico

To participate in pick 4 has a price of $1 and you can also play every day at two different times, at 1:00 pm and at 9:30 pm.

In pick 4 you must choose 4 numbers between 0 to 9, you can choose your own numbers or do it with quick pick.

How to win pick 4 new Mexico

In pick 4 you can win prizes up to $5 thousand depending on the type of game you play.

Today we will only talk about the prizes you can win with: straight and 12-Way Straight/Box.

Straight: you already know how to win prizes with straight, you must have your 4 numbers the same as the official results, your prize could be $5 thousand.

12-Way Straight/Box: a prize of $2,975 is what you can win with 12-Way Straight/Box you just have to match 2 exact numbers.